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Univ Estadual Paulista, Bauru

Unesp Bauru was installed in 1988 when the "University of Bauru 'was incorporated into the Universidade Estadual Paulista. The campus operates in an area of 188.711 acres, with over 44 thousand square meters of construction, including classrooms, laboratories, workshops, library and administrative sectors. In Bauru, there are three academic units: School of Architecture, Arts and Communication (FAAC), College of Sciences (FC) and College of Engineering (FE), with a total of four thousand students enrolled in its 19 graduation courses. They are also installed in Bauru, the Meteorological Research Institute, the FM Radio Unesp Industrial and Technical College.


University Extension

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING - FE stands for the quantity and quality of services it provides to the community, aiming at integration. Among them, we highlight the various courses of social and digital inclusion offered to the needy, the elderly. It also offers the Free Pre-College Course "Primeiro de Maio", which helps low-income students from the public school, which aims to join a public university. The extent of services also includes the development of projects in partnership with companies and municipalities, aimed at solving problems of construction, sanitation, environmental education, transport, etc..

University Extension Courses

Offered by the Departments of Education, the Extension courses are intended to supplement the training of participants in ways that usually are not included in the curricula of graduate degrees. In FE, in general, these courses are offered for professionals and students  in the last years of graduation.

University Extension Projects

One of the extension projects promoted by the Faculty of Engineering is a "Projeto Perspectiva" Perspective Project, which aims to promote and disseminate art and culture, especially the academic and amateur community in Bauru, effecting also the integration of the university community, and composed of musical activities, choirs, plays etc..

Operating since 1993, Outlook allows the diffusion of artistic production in the region, making room for these amateur artists to disseminate their work in the local environment. The "Perspectiva" happens every Wednesday, 12h and 19h in the courtyard of the canteen at UNESP.

Projects BAJA and AeroDesign: Developed by the students of Mechanical Engineering, is the development of design and construction of equipment designed to compete. BAJA is a recreational vehicle, four-wheel drive, small, light, agile, with the structure of the cage, prepared for quite bumpy dirt tracks, requiring so much resistance in its components, as well as security, robustness, durability, comfort along with good maneuverability. AeroDesign, design, documentation, construction and operation of model aircraft with cargo features, radio controlled, with the aim to remove the most efficient power source (engine), encouraging students to applied technology research. Every year teams of both projects participate in competitions sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers - SAE BRAZIL.

Project "Venha nos conhecer" (Come and meet us): The project's main objective is to bring students from public and private high schools and the community, these youngsters from university environment, through guided tours to all laboratories and departments of the FE The visits are organized regularly, enabling those future freshmen to know more about the infrastructure offered by the college on the research and teaching degrees.


Institutional Programs

Student Support Program / PROEX

Allows the granting of scholarships and aid to students of regular courses of graduate degrees. For more information about this type of scholarship, consult the SAEPE FEB (Phone: 14 - 3103-6107). The scholarships offered are:

Academic Support and Extension I: Designed mainly to the student of socio-economic needs.

Academic Support and Extension II: Designed to encourage the student who works in Programs and Extension Projects FE - College of Engineering Campus in Bauru.

Academic Support and Extension III: Designed for the student who works in technical-academic Programs and Projects, such as the development of monitoring, support in the area of Information Technology and other academic activities of interest to FE - College of Engineering in Bauru.

Improving Aid: Intended for students who, in institutions outside the UNESP, display work in a scientific event or undertake other activities for academic improvement and complementation of its formation.

Training Aid: Intended for students who develop mandatory curricular training, unpaid, as required by the curriculum of the undergraduate course.

Rent Assistance: Intended for students of proven socio-economic deprivation in campus student housing that has not or there is lack of vacancies.

NOTE: This scheme is linked to the Student Housing Program Dean of Administration.

Food aid: Provided by Campus Bauru the student of proven socio-economic deprivation.

Scholarship Program for Undergraduate Research - PIBIC



As an undergraduate, serving to promote training, emphasizing the active participation of good students in research projects with academic quality, scientific merit and adequate individual and continuous counseling. It culminates in a final assessed and valued work, providing immediate feedback to the grantee, for the continuation of their education, especially in graduate school.


Semester 1 (usually mid-March)

Secretariat of the Permanent Committee for Research, e-mail: sta@feb.unesp.br
FORM: www.unesp.br / prope / PIBIC

FAPESP scholarship


The undergraduate students to develop scientific research (IC) or technological (IT), under the direction of a supervisor with a Ph.D. or equivalent qualification, valued for its summary of the curriculum.

NOTE: The scholarship shall be proposed only after the supervisor is convinced that the student has interest in the research project and time available to run it, without prejudice to their school needs.


The scholarship can be requested at any time of year and the deadline for typical analysis of the request by FAPESP is approximately 75 days.


- FAPESP (São Paulo)

- Support FAPESP (Campus Library)

Foreign Student Program

Designed to encourage students coming from abroad or recent graduates in the undergraduate level or graduate, to conduct short-term traineeships at UNESP. This program also allows students to do internships in the FEB foreign universities:

Exchange Unesp / Fachhochschule Regensburg (FHR) - Germany: In exchange for internship, positions are offered in FHR or German companies or Regensburg in Bavaria. In most cases, students are offered scholarships that allow students of engineering to defray their costs in Germany, except the air fare and health insurance, which is paid by the student. The requirements are: excellent academic records, good Curriculum Vitae, advanced English, intermediate German and good personal characteristics. The stay ranges from 3 to 12 months.

Exchange Unesp / Fachhochschule Kärnten (FHK) - Austria: Here there are possibilities like those offered in Germany, except for the fact that so far (2010) vacancies are for students of Electrical Engineering. The requirements and time spent are the same as for Germany.

More information on search http://www.feb.unesp.br/dta/eri/




PRÓJR - Junior Company

The idea of a Junior Company is to overcome the gap between academic knowledge of recent college graduates and the practical requirements of the labor market. Experiencing real situations of a company during the graduation, the student learns to work with professionalism, accumulating knowledge, essential to the exercise of the profession. Importantly, the junior company is not characterized by the pursuit of profit but by the pursuit of knowledge, promoting social responsibility, advising and executing projects for the needy community. In Bauru, the Pro Junior is linked to the FE and seeks to develop projects and consulting for small companies in the area of operation, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and Production area.

Contacts: Phone: (14) 3103-6000 / extension6463
wwwp.feb.unesp.br / projunior Email: projunior@feb.unesp.br

The Academic Board of the Faculty of Engineering is the department responsible for representing the engineering students at UNESP - Bauru. Its mission is to gather, discuss and represent students at the Public University, making effective democratic participation. For this purpose, the DAFAE arranges student meetings promoting awareness and discussion on matters pertaining to academic life and student representatives indicates students in the position of the various organs of the College of Engineering. DAFAE also offers "PRIMEIRO DE MAIO" (Free Pre-College Course), DAFAE Languages (Language Courses  at DAFAE), entertainment at its headquarters and is responsible for student events performed by students of the FEB, as Week of Engineering.

For more information about DAFAE,

contact by phone (14) 3103-6000, ext 6411 or by e-mail dafae@feb.unesp.br

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is a professional and technical society, responsible for leading publications in electrotechnology. In Bauru, one of its main goals is to benefit engineering students by offering them closer approach to the scientific community. Another benefit is the organization of campus events for students, aiming to show new technologies and present trends in the professional market. Currently, IEEE accounts approximately 360 000 members in over 150 countries. In Bauru, the IEEE Student Branch is headed by Academician Fabricio Takashi, with the help of the directors of marketing, development, external relations and information technology.

More information: www.ieee.org


In addition to the curriculum subjects, students in undergraduate and postgraduate courses can participate in other activities to complement their formation .Annually  FE promotes SIMPEP and Symposium of Production Engineering -.The Engineering College also participates in various activities to divulge the Institution: AeroDesign and Minibaja; Job Fair Araraquara and Science Fair of Science and Technology Department.

The College of Engineering offers the public an annual calendar of activities focused on training its students and professionals with various extracurricular activities. Among the most important are:

SIMPEP - Production Engineering Symposium: Considered the second largest event in the area in the country, SIMPEP gathers practitioners in the same environment, researchers and students from Brazil and abroad, with an extensive program that includes presentation of papers, technical presentations and discussions on issues related to the areas of Production Engineering.

Week of Engineering: The project aims to complement the training of engineering students, and provide more contact between the future and active engineers and participating companies. The Engineering Week is an effort of the Academic Board of the College of Engineering (DAFAE) and the College of Engineering (FE), with activities that stimulate and expand knowledge through lectures, discussions, short courses and technical visits.

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